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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why hire Burnett Law Firm?

With decades of experience, and having successfully assisted thousands of clients, Burnett Law Firm has consistently remained a national trial law firm.  We do not shy away from court and are confident in our trial experience as well as our ability to get results.  Although we are located in Houston, Texas, we work on cases around the nation to provide personalized and customized attention to each client.  We strive to treat each client with dignity, respect and concern as well as win compensation for that individual.

When you hire Burnett Law Firm, we work on a detailed and thorough investigation to get the evidence necessary to proceed with trial.  We have also a carefully chosen network of professionals across a broad range of industries. We build our cases on expert opinion. The breadth of our network allows us to take on all forms of personal injury cases.  We have the skill, personnel and resources to work towards that successful outcome for our clients.

In addition, Burnett Law Firm provides the leadership skills to benefit your case.  The federal judges often select a small number of lawyers to conduct the national investigation on behalf of the thousands of people injured for complex litigation known as mass torts or toxic torts. Judges require this small group of chosen lawyers to have the experience, resources and expertise to handle the national litigation. Our law firm attorneys have been selected by federal judges many times for such honor.

2. Who can sue after suffering a personal injury?

An injured victim who was hurt by an individual or company that acted in a careless or negligent way may be entitled to bring a lawsuit to seek compensation for injuries and other losses. If the victim was killed, his or her surviving family members may be entitled to bring a wrongful death claim.

Burnett Law Firm focuses on cases that involve defective products, exposure to toxic chemicals, dangerous medical devices and drug injury claims, particularly those involving hernia and transvaginal mesh as well as exposure to Roundup.

3. What types of compensation are available in a personal injury lawsuit?

If you or your loved one has been hurt or are in deep pain as a result of the negligence of another individual or company, you need a firm that is equipped with the necessary experience, tenacity and skill to get results.

Personal injury cases are about more than getting retribution for your pain. After an injury, you face overwhelming financial stress in the form of lost wages, medical bills and other expenses. Personal injury litigation holds responsible parties accountable for the pain they have caused and provides you a means to manage your medical condition, including pain and suffering.  The settlement or verdict should cover losses incurred to-date, as well as expected future expenses and losses. If the victim needs ongoing medical care for life, for example, then the compensation should include enough money to cover this care.

In wrongful death claims, surviving family members may receive compensation for lost financial support, for related medical bills prior to the death, for funeral costs and for lost companionship, among other types of compensation.

4. How long will my personal injury case take?

The length of time that a personal injury case takes may vary depending on the circumstances. If a case settles quickly, it could be over in a matter months. If the case goes to trial and if the defendant eventually appeals, the process could take years.

You should not rush to accept a settlement just to resolve your case quickly, as you could end up with less than you deserve and you may be unable to go back and try to recover extra compensation. Before you settle a personal injury claim, be sure to speak to an experienced injury attorney like the ones at Burnett Law Firm. Our lawyers can help keep your case moving forward as quickly as possible while still protecting your right to full and fair compensation.

5. Can I afford an attorney?

At Burnett Law Firm, our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. You do not pay any attorney’s fees up front, and our lawyers do not charge you for their services unless we recover compensation for you. Our fees are calculated as a percentage of what is recovered. This means that our attorneys’ compensation depends on getting you the maximum fair compensation for your losses.

We also provide you an absolutely free and confidential consultation even if you decide not to hire us.  If we are fortunate enough for you to retain us, then we ask you to sign a contingency fee contract, confirming that you pay no fees or costs unless you first recover.

FAQs About Defective Medical Device Lawsuits

1. What happens if a medical device is dangerous?

Medical devices are used to treat patients. They must be safe for use on people and should not cause unexpected or dangerous side effects or complications. The medical device should also live up to the promises made by the manufacturer about its effectiveness.

When a medical device causes harm or injury, the device manufacturer may be held legally responsible for losses. People harmed by a dangerous medical device may be entitled to pursue a claim for compensation.


2. I suffered complications after receiving a medical device. How can I seek compensation for my losses?

If a medical device, such as hernia mesh or transvaginal mesh (TVM), caused you harm, you may be able to file an injury lawsuit to obtain compensation for the damage caused.  Injury claims against medical device manufacturers sometimes go to court, where a judge or a jury decides whether the device manufacturer was liable and how much the manufacturer owes in compensation.

Some lawsuits brought against medical device manufacturers are class actions, which means that groups of people who suffered similar harm due to the defective device bring just one case. The outcome binds all who were part of the class.

Other lawsuits become part of multi-district litigations (MDL), which means that the cases are consolidated before one judge who can then decide issues relevant to all of the claims much more quickly.  That MDL judge may then oversee your trial or send you to another court for trial.

Whether it is an individual lawsuit, a class action or an MDL, the goal is to get full and fair compensation. Injury cases can also be resolved through an out-of-court settlement with the medical device maker. Before accepting any settlement, you should have an experienced defective medical device attorney review your case and advise you about whether settling makes sense.


3. Do I need a lawyer to help me with my defective medical device lawsuit?

Medical device cases can be tricky because of the highly complex and technical nature of many types of medical tools and equipment. That is true for cases such the implantation of hernia mesh and TVM, as well as for dangerous medication and toxic exposure cases. A judge or a jury needs to know and understand that the medical device was dangerous in some way and was a direct cause of the harm. Due to the challenges in proving this, you need both expert witnesses and an attorney who can help you to explain your case in easy-to-understand terms.

The injury lawyers at Burnett Law Firm in Houston can review your claim at no charge to you. We never charge attorney’s fees unless we recover compensation for you on your claim. To learn more about how we can help you to pursue a claim for full and fair compensation, call us now at 832-413-4410 or fill out our online contact form.


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