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2. I suffered complications after receiving a medical device. How can I seek compensation for my losses?

If a medical device, such as hernia mesh or transvaginal mesh (TVM), caused you harm, you may be able to file an injury lawsuit to obtain compensation for the damage caused.  Injury claims against medical device manufacturers sometimes go to court, where a judge or a jury decides whether the device manufacturer was liable and how much the manufacturer owes in compensation.

Some lawsuits brought against medical device manufacturers are class actions, which means that groups of people who suffered similar harm due to the defective device bring just one case. The outcome binds all who were part of the class.

Other lawsuits become part of multi-district litigations (MDL), which means that the cases are consolidated before one judge who can then decide issues relevant to all of the claims much more quickly.  That MDL judge may then oversee your trial or send you to another court for trial.

Whether it is an individual lawsuit, a class action or an MDL, the goal is to get full and fair compensation. Injury cases can also be resolved through an out-of-court settlement with the medical device maker. Before accepting any settlement, you should have an experienced defective medical device attorney review your case and advise you about whether settling makes sense.


Posted in: FAQs About Defective Medical Device Lawsuits

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