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Insurance Litigation

Insurance Litigation

Insurance policies are contracts. The insured pays premiums to the insurance company, and the insurance company takes on the risk of financial loss if a covered event occurs. That is how it is supposed to work. Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes fail to live up to their obligations, even after policyholders have kept up their end of the bargain by paying premiums for months, years or even decades.

When an insurer fails to pay what it should on a valid claim, this can cause significant financial problems for the policyholder. It could leave a family without a safe home to live in or a business that is unable to operate, losing massive amounts of money. People in this situation may be entitled to pursue a bad-faith claim against the insurance company.

The Burnett Law Firm can help. Our Houston attorneys have decades of collective experience representing clients after catastrophic storm damage or other disasters that damage personal or business property. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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Insurance Company Obligations

Insurance policies outline the specific obligations that insurance companies owe their customers. The contracts establish coverage limits, explain what types of events are covered and specify what an insured must do in order to maintain coverage and make a successful damage claim.

In addition to the written provisions of each insurance policy, every insurance contract  also comes with an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. This implied covenant of good faith means that insurance companies have an obligation to process claims in a reasonable and fair way.

Insurers are not allowed to:

  • Impose unreasonable delays in processing claims.
  • Create undue and unreasonable burdens on the insured who make claims.
  • Attempt to force the insured to settle their claims for unreasonably low sums of money.
  • Deny legitimate claims without a valid reason for the denial.

If an insurance company engages in any of these or other wrongful acts, it may constitute bad faith. Legal action may be taken against insurance companies that act in bad faith.

An attorney can help you get the money the insurer should have paid out and may also seek to additional damages for you through a bad-faith claim. In some cases, it is possible to recover compensation beyond the policy limits. This is meant both to cover the damages that resulted from the insurer’s denial and to punish the insurance company for its wrongful and unreasonable behavior.

Lawyers for Homeowners with Insurance Disputes in Houston

It can be devastating when a storm or other disaster damages your home. The house may be completely destroyed or may need expensive repairs. In many cases, you will be unable to live in your home as a result of the disaster, and you need to get your insurance claim paid as quickly as possible to rebuild or repair your house and move on with your life.

An insurance litigation attorney from the Burnett Law Firm can represent you, dealing with the insurer on your behalf.

Our attorneys can help when you have coverage disputes arising from:

  • Hail damage.
  • Tornado damage.
  • Hurricane damage.
  • Storm damage
  • Fires.
  • Tree damage.
  • Wind damage.
  • Flood damage.
  • Vandalism.
  • Other types of residential property damage.

We can explain your rights under your insurance policy, help make a claim with your insurer, keep your application moving forward and negotiate a payout to get your repairs or replacement underway. We can help protect the value of your home and property by making sure that your insurance company pays what you need to properly rebuild or repair your home.

If your insurer wrongfully denies your claim or refuses to make a fair payout, then our lawyers may pursue a bad-faith insurance claim to help you get your home repaired or rebuilt and compensate you for your related losses.

Business Insurance Disputes

A business can be especially devastated by damaged or destroyed property. Not only will the business be left with expensive repairs or the need to rebuild, but it may also have damage to inventory and expensive commercial equipment. The business may need to stop operating while waiting for the insurer to pay so that the business can get back up and running. This kind of business interruption can cost thousands of dollars or more in lost revenue and profits.

It can be hard for a business to recover if it remains closed for a long period. It can be hard for both large and small businesses to recover from damage, particularly when an insurance company doesn’t pay the claim as it should.

The Burnett Law Firm can help. Our attorneys represent businesses both large and small with insurance issues related to:

  • Property damage.
  • Equipment damage.
  • Lost inventory.
  • Business interruption.
  • Other losses.

A business interruption claim allows a firm to recover money from an insurer for the time that the business was closed due to storm damage or another covered event. Proving and valuing business interruption claims can be one of the most complex aspects of insurance law. The Burnett Law Firm is uniquely qualified to help businesses prove their case.

Riley L. Burnett, Jr., the founder of the Burnett Law Firm, worked for several years representing insurance carriers in insurance claim disputes. Mr. Burnett understands insurance cases from both sides. This unique experience allows the lawyers at the Burnett Law Firm to stand up to insurers and make them pay what they should so that your business can avoid devastating financial damage.

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The sooner you contact an insurance litigation attorney to represent you in your business or residential insurance dispute, the sooner you can stand up to your insurer and work to get the money you need.

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