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Your Hurricane Attorneys

Insurance policies are contracts. The insured pays premiums to the insurance company, and the insurance company takes on the risk of financial loss if a covered event occurs. That is how it is supposed to work.  Homeowners expect this insurance policy to protect them against a natural disaster or other unexpected event.

During a hurricane, you may suffer property damage.  So, after you survive the hurricane, you determine the property damage and report it to your insurance company.  Insurance companies have a duty to handle claims fairly and in good faith. While this occurs most of the time, some insurance companies, in an effort to save money, refuse to act in good faith.  The pressure to cut cost and save money unfairly is especially great after a natural disaster because there can be hundreds of thousands of claims that must be paid.  If your insurance company unfairly denied your valid claim or refused to offer you a reasonable settlement, you may be entitled to bring a bad-faith insurance lawsuit.

Our attorneys help people rebuilt their lives after an unexpected event or tragedy.  We understand the pressures and confusion people can experience when their lives have been turned upside down by a hurricane, and we can help navigate our clients through the insurance claim process.  We have extensive knowledge about civil litigation, including hurricane-related and property insurance disputes.  We are qualified to handle any type of property insurance or hurricane insurance claim, from the initial states through trial, if necessary.

In some circumstances, a bad-faith claim could allow an insured to recover more money than the policy’s limits. This is true for both homeowner’s policies and business insurance. If you believe that your insurance company has treated you unfairly, Burnett Law Firm would like to speak with you. We want to work with our clients to help them rebuilt their lives after their unexpected event and help them navigate through the insurance claims process.

To learn more or to schedule a free consultation to have your hurricane insurance claim evaluated, call us at 832-413-4410 or contact us online today to learn how we can help you get the compensation you deserve. There is no charge for the consultation, and you owe us no attorney’s fees unless we are successful in securing compensation for you.


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